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Improve your Print Security

With increased legislation around privacy and data security, organisations need to focus on strategies to protect their data. Brother's Secure Print+ solution offers the possibility to improve print security and protect confidential documents. The print job is sent to the printer and not printed until the authorised user releases them by means of an NFC ID card or PIN code.

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What is Secure Print+ ?

Secure Print+ is a print management software which helps businesses protect important documents and improve print security. Printers with an integrated NFC card reader or a large LCD touch-screen, allow print jobs to be released by the authenticated user, making sure confidential data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Protect confidential information

Secure Print+ is ideal for companies or organisations that work with privacy or sensitive information and do not have a print management solution with advanced printing security features available. To ensure that this data does not fall into the hands of unauthorised employees or visitors, Secure Print+ provides a relatively simple but highly effective security solution.

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We know security is vital, view our Security Whitepaper.

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