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Aaron Hopkinson, Product and Solutions Manager, Brother UK

Going global - Brother solutions for connectivity and collaboration

Aaron Hopkinson

Product and Solutions Manager, Brother UK

On the face of it, conditions for British exporters are better than they have been for many years. 

UK firms have been boosted by a weaker pound, while the economies of our key trading partners are accelerating. 

It presents a clear opportunity for SMBs to capitalise on rising overseas demand and the increased affordability of their products and services abroad. 

But before you take the leap, it pays to be prepared, and Brother technology can provide that solution. 

Having an appetite for overseas growth is one thing, but to succeed in a global marketplace, you must be efficient and competitive, and technology is a key driver of these ambitions.

So, whether your business is new to exporting, or looking to grow its export sales by winning new customers in existing territories or targeting new markets, now could be the time.

Connecting with new customers

The internet means that UK firms can access customers in far-flung markets directly and at a much lower cost than was previously possible.

And Brother's integrated print and scanning technology take full advantage of that increased connectivity, allowing documents to be easily and securely shared around the world and enabling more efficient ways of working with partners in other countries.

Dealing with detailed queries about your products or exchanging highly-technical information, can pose practical problems, especially if your customer is in another time zone.

Our desktop and mobile scanners are being used to scan documents from technical drawings to complex contracts, then instantly send digital copies across the globe.

Effective and efficient

They are supported by powerful bundled PC and Mac software designed to effectively bring hard copies into the digital space, creating versatile digital files that are far more than just images of pieces of paper.

They use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to create editable, searchable digital documents. 

That means the recipient can use keywords to search the copy and quickly find what they are looking for.

They can even edit the text, adding comments and amendments.

And they can extract tables or numerical data and seamlessly export it to other software programmes.

Scans can be stored in Brother's cloud apps and securely accessed from any location using a Mac or PC, effectively and efficiently enabling long-distance collaboration like never before.

But these advances don’t mean that business travel is now a thing of the past.

As productive as possible

Building personal relationships is still important, but while doing this, it’s vital to use travel time as productively as possible.

Those who want to continue working on documents while in their air or in a train will be all too aware that this is often hampered when the onboard internet service falls far below your requirements.

So, if you want to study that contract while in transit, for example, a Brother mobile printer can create crystal-clear hard copies from your mobile device or laptop in seconds.

When you reach your destination, a Brother mobile scanner can then digitise the document, then seamlessly connect with your Apple or Android phone or tablet via Wi-Fi.

And using services like Google Cloud Print you can print over the internet to a Brother printer registered to your Google account from virtually anywhere.

British SMBs are using Brother technologies in so many creative ways to capitalise on the opportunities that exist for them around the world.

With our support, you can join them.

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