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Brother Education Solutions help take back control from students mass printing

Print and Technology Solutions for Education

We can't stop students running in corridors or sticking chewing gum under chairs and tables, but we can help you with a range of technology needs. Taking back control is about you being able to keep students, teachers and governors happy by implementing efficient, cost-effective and time-saving solutions within your academic institution.


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Equipping you to meet growing expectations

Education plays a key part in making Britain a more prosperous nation. But we’re entering an age where our young people are more tech savvy than ever. This means it’s even more important that school technology matches up to growing expectations. 

We want to help schools achieve their full potential, so our range of Education Solutions are specifically designed to overcome the challenges teachers and IT managers are facing on a daily basis. Our technology helps to support your ambitions.

On top of our dedicated Education solutions we're also at your side with our limited edition IT Manager Survival Kit. It won't stop grubby fingers clogging up keyboards or your inbox filling up with "technology" issues but it might just get you through until next term.

Fill in our form to discuss taking back control in your school, and for a limited time only get our free IT Manager Survival Kit.
Brother Education Solutions help take back control as students play with printer

At Your Side in Education

We want to get to the heart of the education sector’s ambitions, so we can support it going forward.

Of course, funding is always an issue for schools. But the savings that can be generated by modern print technology, in terms of time, wastage and lower running costs, can transform a school's prospects. Investing in efficiency frees teachers to focus their time and energy where it can make the biggest difference to young people.

To make sure our solutions are aligned with the key issues in schools we've commissioned a survey of school heads to discuss getting the right technology into the classroom.  

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Solutions for Education

Ercall Wood Technology College

We helped this technology college to save costs, improve efficiency and control print volumes more effectively.

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Helsby High School

We streamlined the school’s printer offering to halve running costs without sacrificing on quality.

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Why use Direct Scan in your school environment?

Find out how we helped St Paul’s C. of E. Primary improve their student record keeping.

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