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The challenge

To allow a team of AV technicians to identify at a glance the contents of several hundred flight cases.

The solution

A Brother PT-P750W desktop label printer with WiFi.

The results

  • Each flight case now has a highly legible, full description of its contents.
  • Better organisation and accountability for more than £1m-worth of company equipment.
  • Reduced stress for staff setting up and breaking down AV systems.
  • Improved service for the company’s customers thanks to a more efficient operation.


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Audio-visual specialist Bright Vision supplies AV systems to events like conferences, exhibitions, awards ceremonies and more, right across the country.

The company specialises in events with attendances of between 100 and 1,000 people, designing and managing AV systems that include sound, lighting, video, pyrotechnics and set building.

On the case

Bright Vision transports all the equipment it needs for each event in hundreds of similar-looking black flight cases. Before set-up begins, these arrive at the venue, which will typically be large or multi- roomed, to be unpacked and moved into position ready for the technical teams to start work.

Visibility at a glance

Being able to identify what is in each case quickly is critical. Having to open and check inside boxes to confirm the right items are inside can take considerable time during what can be hectic pre-event set-up periods.

Previously, the firm had been writing the contents of the boxes, and location requirements for each event, by hand onto wipe-clean labels using permanent marker. These were time-consuming to write and would often get smudged and become illegible, causing stressful situations and even lost equipment.

To improve its labelling, Bright Vision selected a Brother PT-P750W desktop label printer with WiFi, a compact and portable unit that can use either battery or mains power and offers the flexibility of wireless printing.

With fast print speeds up to 30mm/sec, the firm was able to create labels for every flight case in its inventory, providing lasting clarity on their contents.

Thanks to durable Brother P-touch laminated TZe tapes, the labels can now stand up to high levels of abrasion, sunlight exposure and temperature variation, while staying clearly readable.

More professional results

Now that the contents of every case is identifiable at a glance, Bright Vision no longer has issues with transporting the right pieces of equipment to the right locations during the setup process, which has had a significant positive impact on the efficiency of the operation.

“A big part of our proposition to customers is how slick and efficient our operation is, so mistakes because of mislabelled boxes are embarrassing. Thankfully, the new label printer has made that a thing of the past.”

Ben Hull, technical director at Bright Vision

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