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Web conferencing system passed toughest tests

Brother worked in partnership with the team at Bexley CCG to install OmniJoin, a secure, flexible and easy-to-use web conferencing system.

Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group commissions services for over 230,000 residents in the London Borough of Bexley. Its mission is for Bexley's residents to stay in better health for longer, with the support of good quality integrated care, available as close to home as possible, backed by accessible, safe and expert hospital services when they are needed.

Finding the right information on which to base patient care and service is a key challenge for the group. To address this, Bexley CCG needed to improve the communication between the teams across the organisation.

Bringing people together

Initially Omnijoin was employed by Bexley CCG to allow its staff, regardless of location, the opportunity to listen to the Chief Officer’s monthly update, so that not being able to physically attend the meeting was no longer an issue.

After proving such a success, it is now also used for multi-disciplinary team meetings, in-practice meetings, across their mental health teams and care homes, as well as to deliver training across its 27 GP surgeries. Now, members are able to attend and participate in these invaluable sessions without taking time out to travel to a physical meeting or training location.

Secure, simple sharing

One of Omnijoin’s major benefits is the industry-leading, military-grade security it offers. This was a key incentive for Bexley CCG choosing it in the first place. Given the numerous guidelines the group must abide by, it has to be 100% confident its communications remain confidential.

Beyond that, the simplicity of the system itself allows users to join a meeting by simply clicking on a link sent by the host. Meetings can also be recorded meaning staff can catch up at a time more suitable to their schedule when needed.

For a commissioning group whose members are all under immense time pressure, the ability to collaborate so much more efficiently and effectively has had a major positive impact for staff and patients alike.

To find out how OmniJoin web conferencing software can help you save time and improve opportunities for collaboration within your business, contact one of our team on: 0845 600 2520 or visit: www.omnijoin.co.uk.

Web conferencing icon

The challenge

NHS Bexley CCG commissions services for more than 230,000 residents.

The group needed a web conferencing system to enhance communication between its various teams, which are located across the borough of Bexley.

The solution

The highly secure, customisable and adaptable OmniJoin web conferencing platform from Brother. It provides an easy-to-use, responsive platform ideal for collaboration and training.

The results

OmniJoin web conferencing software has enabled efficient and collaborative communication between multi-disciplinary teams across the borough, resulting in enhanced patient care.