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School child using OmniJoin web conferencing in a classroom

Broadcaster LearnLive enhances student experience through OmniJoin web conferencing

‘Intelligent’ video conferencing platform delivers reliable performance every time

LearnLive specialises in enhancing children’s learning by using live, interactive broadcasts to bring a world of opportunities and experiences into schools and colleges across the country.

By giving pupils access to industry experts and business leaders, as well as the chance to link up with students from other communities across the globe, LearnLive helps to improve students’ employability skills and cultural awareness without them having to leave the classroom.

With its entire proposition reliant on high-quality web conferencing, LearnLive needed a partner with a robust and secure platform that could also enable interactive and engaging experiences.

Feature-rich package places presenters in control

LearnLive opts to use OmniJoin for all of its live broadcasts as it ensures the highest quality for both trainees and students. Unlike most video conferencing platforms, OmniJoin adapts intelligently to the capabilities of the internet connection and hardware being used by presenters and audience members. This ensures that LearnLive’s broadcast are delivered at optimum quality and aren’t interrupted by lost or broken connections.

Highly secure system is user-friendly and simple to use 

Schools and colleges can have complete confidence in the security of the connection. Unique participant key codes and one-time-only virtual meeting spaces ensure that sessions are restricted to only those specifically invited to participate, while state-of-the-art encryption further enhances security.

Participants are able to enter meetings through their web browsers without requiring additional downloaded programmes, making the platform simple to use even in environments, such as schools, where IT systems are highly restricted.

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See how OmniJoin web conferencing is used within education environments to promote health learnings to students. 

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The challenge

LearnLive needed a reliable video conferencing platform that would enable students to interact in live broadcasts and discussions with local businesses, national organisations, schools and colleges around the globe.

The solution

The adaptable, highly customisable and secure OmniJoin video conferencing platform from Brother. It provides an easy-to-use, responsive platform ideal for training and collaboration, and allows LearnLive to broadcast directly into multiple schools simultaneously.

The results 

Immersive learning brought into the OmniJoin solution has enabled LearnLive to grow and expand, connecting thousands of children, teachers, businesses and young people in work across the UK through quality, valuable and immersive learning experiences.

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