Brother iLink&Label app

Use your Apple iPhone or iPad to download cable ID's stored in Fluke Networks Linkware Live projects, and wirelessly transfer them to the Brother PT-E550W label printer. Then simply select the required ones to quickly print your cable ID labels. No need to carry a laptop or use a wired connection.

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Network technician using Brother iLink&Label app on his smartphone

Save time, reduce errors

By linking to data already stored in Fluke Networks Linkware Live, you can save time over manually entering the same cable ID's into the PT-E550W using the printer's keyboard. Plus mistyped identifiers are a thing of the past - ensuring accuracy in all your labelling tasks, 

PT-E550W label printer with network cable ID's being selected for printing

Download your cable ID's in seconds

Once you've installed the app and entered your Fluke Networks Linkware Live username and password, it takes just a few seconds to select and transfer the cable ID's to your Brother PT-E550W label printer:

  • Select the project with the required cable ID's and tap "Download" to transfer these to the app.
  • Then select the required list of ID's and tap "send" to wirelessly transfer to the PT-E550W.
  • That's it! Your PT-E550W now has your latest cable ID's stored in memory.

Brother TZe cable label being prepared for wrapping around network cable

Print your cable identification labels

As your cable ID's are stored in the printer's memory, all you now need is the PT-E550W.

Simply press the "cable wrap" function key on the PT-E550W label printer and configure the settings for the type of cable you are using. This just needs to be done once.

To print your labels, press the database key on the label printer to display the cable ID's. Then choose to print all labels, or select the range required.

Labels are printed in one long strip. The advanced cutter keeps your labels in order as they print, making them easier to apply correctly.

Brother TZe flexible-ID laminated labels have been developed specifically for cable identification, and are recommended for this use. 

Mobile device ready to transmit new cable ID's to Brother PT-E550W label printer

Keeping your cable ID labels up-to-date

As your networking infrastructure project is updated, with new cable ID's being added or existing ones changed, simply use the Brother iLink&Label app to re-connect and download the latest cable ID's from your Fluke Networks Linkware Live project to the Brother PT-E550W label printer. Then re-print as needed.