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Head-mounted displays (HMD) are an emerging technology worn on the head, where a convenient display device is worn in front of one or both eyes, allowing the wearer to use both hands freely. 

Already hugely popular in the virtual reality sphere, the potential for HMDs to revolutionise work processes has seen an increase in this technology being adopted by forward thinking professionals within broadcasting, aerial photography, agriculture, emergency services and more.

WD-370B broadcasting head mounted display

WD-370B Broadcasting head-mounted display

  • 1080p input and 720p output resolution
  • HD-SDI connectivity
  • Widescreen 25.6° field of view
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Light reducing eyecup and water-resistant view finder
  • Monocolour mode to avoid colour breaking
  • Ideal for: Broadcasting and cinematography

*3G SDI input not supported

AiRScouter WD-360B

WD-360B Professional head-mounted display

  • 1080p input and 720p output resolution
  • HDMI plug and play connection
  • Connect to drones, tablets and smartphones
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 5 levels of brightness plus water and dust resistance
  • Ideal for: Aerial photography, filming and surveillance, agriculture, broadcasting and cinematography, emergency services and 3D scanning

AiRScouter WD-350B compact head mounted display

WD-350B Compact head-mounted display

  • 720pinput and output resolution
  • HDMI plug and play connection
  • Connect to drones, tablets and smartphones
  • Compact control box allows for an external battery
  • Ideal for: Aerial photography, filming and surveillance and agriculture

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The Benefits of AiRScouter

AiRScouter IP54 dust and water resistant rating

IP54 Dust and Water Resistant Rating 

Enables you to keep working under sudden rain and protects against harmful deposits of dust.
AirScouter lightweight flexi-arm viewfinder

Lightweight Flexi-Arm Viewfinder

Coupled with unique focus adjustment features ensures you get the best image possible whether close or distant viewing, with or without glasses and left or right eye.
HDMI or HDSDI plug and play connectivity


16.7 million colours with best in class 25.6" field of view give you an experience of having a widescreen 19" monitor directly in front of your eye.
AiRScouter plug and play connectivity

Up to 1080p Resolution

Plug and play connectivity - no need for additional drivers.

Broadcasting and Cinematography

A game changer in the film industry.

AiRScouter is an innovative viewfinder solution that helps camera operators get the shots they want with comfort and ease. 

Unlike a monitor or an electronic viewfinder (EVF), the HD headset can be used at nearly any angle and in almost any condition, even in bright sunlight. With options for HDMI and HD-SDI connections, the AiRScouter works with a wide range of camera, gimbals and stabiliser systems. 

Suggested model: WD-370B for HD-SDI devices, WD-360B for HDMI devices

*3G SDI input not supported

Aerial Photography, Filming and Surveillance

Improve drone operation and quality of aerial photo and video work. 

The AiRScouter allows the pilot to watch a drone’s live video feed hands-free, without breaking line of sight during flight, increasing safety without always having the need for a second operative. 

The bright and vivid display can be seen in most outdoor conditions so the operator can check telemetry data while keeping the drone in your sight at all times.

Suggested model: WD-350B/ WD-360B


Use in conjunction with a UAV for crop management. 

  • View live feed data
  • Bright vivid display - ideal for almost all outdoor environments
  • Dust and water resistant 
  • Perfect for: soil and field analysis, planting, crop spraying, crop monitoring, irrigation and health assessment

Suggested model: WD-350B/WD-360B

AiRScouter used by the emergency services

Emergency Services

Aides aerial situational awareness at large, complicated, or protracted incidents. 

  • HDMI plug and play interface for quick and easy set up
  • View live feed data
  • Bright and vivid display - ideal for almost all outdoor environments
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Can wear over helmets and safety glasses

Suggested model: WD-360B

3D scanning with AiRScouter

3D Scanning

Reduce mis-scanning and increase productivity.

  • Large widescreen display feels like a 19" monitor right in front of your eye
  • Reduce the need for a second operative
  • Display scanned 3D surface images in your field of view
  • You can check the progress without going back and forth between the PC screen and the object 

Suggested model: WD-350B/WD-360B

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View the AiRScouter 300 Series technical specification

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