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It's retail (but not as you know it)

This week we look at retail, an exciting and constantly evolving sector where new innovations are appearing almost daily.

Blip it! Buy it?

Blippar is a combination of image recognition and augmented reality designed to give marketers a dynamic, content-rich route to a consumer via their smartphone.

By downloading the Blippar App to a smart device and directing the built-in camera toward ‘blippable’ products – such as a can of Coca-Cola, a Nike street display or a car ad in a magazine – the photo will trigger interactive games, slideshows, videos, playlists, offers and other downloads on the screen.

By making products ‘blippable’ the new app is giving brands direct influence with consumers at the exact point they are making a purchasing decision.


The Hashtag That Helps You Spend

May was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Amazon and Twitter, with the retailer and social platform enabling users to connect their Twitter and Amazon accounts. Once linked, Amazon deals will start popping up in their Twitter feed and a potential customer need only tweet back #AmazonBasket (in the UK) to put the items directly  into their Amazon basket for later purchase.

With the race firmly on to make shopping an inherent part of the social media experience, removing the need to leave one site or app to go to the other is a barrier-breaking move that offers great opportunities for brands and businesses to make their social activity pay.

The Shelf That Tracks Your Shopping Habits

While analytics already tell retailers a huge amount about online shopping habits, HiperKinetic aims to try and extract the same insight from the physical store.The technology uses in-shop sensors to identify which items are touched, dropped in the basket, or put back on the shelves. It also identifies ‘hot shelf zones’, drawing a heat map of products to show how they are selling. A digital analysis of the data helps inform better in-store marketing decisions. If the technology catches on, supermarkets and other retailers could be adding a whole new level of customisation to their in-store merchandising.


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