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Putting a doctor in your pocket

Healthberry simplifies NHS social media feedback

Social networks used to have a reputation for just being somewhere that people posted pictures of themselves and their lunch. Now platforms are becoming an essential feedback and monitoring tool for all sorts of sectors, including healthcare.

Healthberry has been developed to help NHS organisations to engage with patients, measure feedback and promote self-care, recognising that patients are already using these platforms to make contact, praise or complain about services.

Still in Beta testing, the site has already attracted over 100 NHS organisations in the first couple of months, all able to collate feedback from multiple social platforms in one place and automatically link historic and real time feedback from initiatives such as NHS Choices, Care Connect and Patient Opinion.

Watch the Healthberry video.

The app that puts a doctor in your pocket

At this year’s WIRED Health Conference we were introduced to Babylon – a subscription-based app set to deliver basic healthcare services to millions by the end of this year.

Babylon lets people book virtual GP appointments, talk to a doctor via video or chat, and get prescriptions renewed and sent to the nearest pharmacy within seconds. It also includes a built-in symptom checker and monitoring system compatible with around 80 wearable health-checking devices. Data is fed into the app’s health monitor along with GP/consultant reports, prescriptions and X-ray files, and tracks heartrate, cholesterol, stress levels, and more. Health professionals can monitor this data remotely and take action if indicators point to any potential risks.

With 100 GPs and consultants already contracted to work within this new framework, the company expects to see a surge of subscriptions to the service, currently costing users just £7.99 a month.

Watch the Babylon app puts a GP in your pocket video.

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