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My Tech Life

Phil Jones is Managing Director of Brother UK as well as a keen blogger, long-time tweeter and motivational speaker. He’s a self-confessed early adopter and a believer in everyone being given the chance to deliver their full potential.

You were among the first wave of business leaders to really embrace social media and use it to drive traffic to your blog and make fresh business connections. How did you get started?

“I joined Twitter and quickly realised that this was not just a one-way communication platform for businesses to simply broadcast - there was a 360-degree conversation going on which was going to change the way we did business.

Six years later, I use social networking for a number of reasons, including trend spotting, leadership development, customer engagement and industry news, it’s an excellent way to keep in the loop.”

And what do you think will be the next big thing in business technology?

"Collaboration through internal networks.At Brother a large proportion of our workforce is out in the field and it’s important those members of our community feel connected to the culture.

We piloted the private network - Yammer - and liked it so much that we decided to roll it out across the whole organisation.

We can use it to gain views on any issue, share best practice and other key information informally.  Remote members of our community can join in with the office conversations that they may miss. Workforces are going to increasingly become more fragmented, geographically, as technology removes the last roadblocks to mobile working. Keeping those workforces mentally connected and in tune with your business is the challenge."

Find out more at or on Twitter @philjones40

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