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My Tech Life

Mike Mulholland, Head of Services and Solutions at Brother UK, discusses the relationship between people and technology in business. At work, he leads a team of people passionate about providing companies with managed print service solutions. At play, Mike is a motorbike enthusiast.

What technological mistakes do many companies make?

It’s easy for businesses to get wrapped up in the excitement of new technology, but it’s essential that their employees get on board with the changes that come with it too. Only then can the business truly benefit from this sort of investment in the long run.

Training can go a long way to helping employees feel comfortable with new technology and, of course, get the most out of it on the job.

This level of learning and development can be affordable and easy to access too. Digital devices like iPads, for example, come with tutorial apps which are free and can help staff to learn about new technology.

What do you think is the next big thing for businesses?

We’ve already seen a huge shift from paper-based documentation to digitisation. This has been closely followed by cloud-based platforms.

By removing the limitations of data access, capacity and resources are freed up and I think these types of services will evolve even further to enable companies to collaborate anywhere through mobile devices.

If technology is upping productivity, could it eventually replace people?

Without a doubt, technology has been advancing at a rapid rate. But I think there will always be a place for people – and rightly so.

When it comes to business, people are at the heart of any company – particularly when it comes to brand personality and human-to-human customer support. By blending the strengths of both people and technology, businesses can achieve great results.

What’s the future for technology in the workplace?

We’re on the brink of a technological revolution, and I think ‘millennials’ will be the ones who lead it.

In a year or two, this new generation will be entering the job market with a unique set of skills that companies can truly benefit from. For them, it’s not about adapting to technology, it’s about living it. It’s a part of everyday life and how they will do business in the future.

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