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Case Study: Kenley Warehousing and Distribution

How has one firm sped up payment?

North West based Kenley Warehousing and Distribution transports goods around the UK.Previously, its customers would sign a proof of delivery (POD) on arrival, which the drivers would return to the company at the end of each week.

PODs are essential as they enable Kenley to raise customer invoices and receive payment. But this weekly delay meant Kenley weren’t able to issue invoices until up to two weeks after the jobs had been carried out, affecting its cashflow.

Lesley Walker, Kenley’s financial director, turned to Brother to find a solution.

She found that its portable scanners could streamline the process and speed up payments enabling the firm to process instant PODs for customers. This also meant that Kenley could issue invoices faster, and therefore receive payments quicker.

Lesley said: “Rather than one person waiting a week and a half to scan in more than 200 PODs, the drivers can now do it there and then.”

As the scanners have a large memory card, each can store up to 200 documents and can get the paperwork back to the firm seconds after a delivery.

Lesley added: “This technology has dramatically reduced admin time and means that customers can see their PODs straight away, enabling them to notify us of shortages or damages at a much earlier date.”

Watch the Brother Portable Document Scanners video.

This technology has dramatically reduced admin time...

Lesley Walker, Financial Director

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