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My Tech Life

Dave Peters is Development and Strategy Director at Brother UK, committed to using innovation and technology to drive growth and continuous improvement in business. He’s also an accomplished pianist with a soft spot for a good synthesiser.

You've long been a champion of innovation and technology. But when did you first see it as a real game changer for modern businesses?

"In 1997 when I helped develop the first smartphone with Ericsson Mobile. We called her Penelope, and the rest is history.

We take it for granted now, but a phone with email and internet was revolutionary back then. It was such a huge leap in technology that gave people a new form of freedom to do things differently. Particularly in business."

Was the world ready for Penelope?

"Yes and no. Sometimes ‘the way we've always done it’ can get in the way of doing it better. But with the first smartphone, most of us could see the benefits of being more mobile, which is why the technology keeps evolving.

Seventeen years on, working remotely has become a very real part of doing business. And it’s a conversation we’re having with businesses more and more, particularly with the development of OmniJoin.

I think the businesses that embrace this sort of technological evolution see change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle."

What’s the next big game changer?

"Usability. We have mobility, but it’ll be the intuitive and easy-to-use products that will have the most pull. In business and in life, easier will mean better."

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