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Case Study: Altaterra

Window manufacturer Altaterra has colleagues and customers spread across more than 30 countries in Europe.

Meeting regularly is an essential part of doing business. But when the increasingly high cost of travel started getting in the way of growth, the company turned to Brother’s OmniJoin as a smarter way to stay connected.

When looking into video conferencing, IT manager Martin Coult considered standard ISDN systems on the market. But their high cost and failure to work across the whole company forced him look beyond traditional options.

What he found was a cost-effective, robust, and flexible solution without the usual complications around installation and conference room set ups. Instead, OmniJoin lets people have straightforward meetings, training sessions and customer conversations from their desks, no matter where they are. And in the process, saves the company up to £10,000 a month.

Martin said: “Before using OmniJoin web conferencing, we spent considerable amounts of time and money on travelling to meetings across our European office network. OmniJoin paid for itself with the first use.”

After initially downloading the software, colleagues just plug in a webcam and headset to meet and greet each other and their customers around the world. They can easily share documents, making interactions more productive and collaborative. And it’s free and easy for clients to use.

Martin added: “OmniJoin has been instrumental in improving efficiencies within our business. It’s a decision that’s paid off, and put us in a good position to take advantage of new growth opportunities.” 

Visit OmniJoin today to see how it can help support your business.

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