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My Tech Life

Aaron is part of a team that creates social media plans and develops applications and websites. In his spare time, Aaron is a keen motorcycle enthusiast.

Why is social media now a part of everyday life for businesses?

It’s a powerful way to share business values, attract new customers and to help boost sales. It’s also an effective tool when companies want to interact with their customers. As part of our social media strategy at Brother, we use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as a way to connect with and support existing and potential customers.

How should a business use social media?

First and foremost, businesses need to have a content plan. It keeps content fresh and regular and can help to retain and gain followers. Sharing relevant and interesting information from reliable sources can also help brands position themselves as industry experts. It’s also important to be reactive to trends and show that your business has its finger on the pulse. Trends can change very quickly on Twitter for example, so it’s important to be agile. News stories can have a real impact on what’s trending on Twitter too, so it’s important to accept that social media is constantly changing. No-one wants to be a day behind other brands but at the same time you should only get involved if it’s actually relevant to your company and meaningful to your customers. 

What do you think is the next big thing for marketing and businesses?

There’s been a huge shift towards using tablets and smartphones in the workplace, rather than solely relying on computers. Tablets have many functions but aren’t yet at a stage where they can replace computers or laptops within a business. But I think over the next few years there will be a move towards tablets functioning as an all-round tool, especially with the steady rise of apps available on the market. People are also eager to use technology that has interactive content and engaging visuals, so I think we will see the more traditional forms of e-marketing evolve into something new.

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