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Thank you

for downloading our white paper, you can find the best bits in the infographics and banners below.

These cover Printer Selection, Maintenance, and Management in the Retail Market.

Brother A3 inkjet colour printer on desk

Brother has supported the retail industry for over 50 years, we know that the range of applications and diverse environments which printers operate in requires a more considered approach.In partnership with Computing, we've done our research and put together a fact-filled white paper.

Understanding of the challenges faced by retailers is vital when it comes to printer selection, maintenance, and management in the retail market.

Which printer solution is right for you?

Only 21% of respondents operate a ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach, while 58% opt for a FLEXIBLE suite of printers to accurately reflect the specific needs of their business. 

Download our free white paper to understand why a flexible approach and in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by retailers is vital when it comes to printer selection, maintenance and management in the retail market.

The top 3 retail must-haves:

1. Print speed
2. Duty cycle (workload a printer can handle)
3. Hardware reliability

The industry also wants...
Energy efficiency and green credentials.

Features Vs Performance

Greater performance outranks features-laden print solutions, with reliability and ruggedness coming top.

Wasted Resources

29% maintain stocks of replacement service parts. While 1/3 of retail companies deploy more printers than required to provide a base level of service.


Despite ranking highly in the retail industry print requirements, flexibility and understanding of the retail market scored poorly on a poor to excellent scale of current MPS providers.