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Brother Global Information

Brother Global Information

The Brother Group of Nagoya, Japan is a truly multinational company with offices throughout the world and manufacturing plants in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, America, Malaysia, Ireland and the UK. We have operations in 28 countries and Brother products are now sold in over 100 countries.

Since our incorporation in 1934 we have striven to put ideas into practice by creating imaginative new products for everyday life. Over the years we have considerably broadened our horizons and today, Brother's range of products includes, business machines, telecommunications products and machine tools.

With three core businesses, Information, Fashion and Communications, Brother, a company based on creativity and development, is committed to the on-going satisfaction of customers' requirements.

In our information operation, we are actively developing and marketing devices that convey image data using advanced methods. With our ultimate goal being the improvement of the user interface, we intend to become a company that processes leading-edge printing technologies for our ever more interconnected society.

Research and Development

At Brother's Research and Development Center, we are investigating the basic technologies that underpin every area of our operations. Brother's Research & Development Center develops products in new areas and conducts technical research to support the product development activities of our various divisions. Supported by the cooperative relationships between our divisions and the R&D center, we are making powerful strides forward in its development of the new technologies and products that hold the key to Brother's future.

A Forward-Looking Brother with a Clear Vision

Brother, aiming at "sophisticated, user friendly communication", is focusing on high-speed, high-performance visual processing technologies such as image processing and color imaging, both of which facilitate more accurate transmission of visual information.

In the area of printing devices, we have been developing laser, ink-jet, and other non-impact printing technologies that reduce office noise. In addition, we are improving both the performance of input devices, such as high-speed image processing boards and colour scanners, and the quality of images themselves. Work in progress also includes product development using an advanced integrated services digital network (ISDN) communications and data-base processing search technologies. Brother has been developing electronic educational equipment and Japanese-English translation software based on natural language processing technology. Furthermore, in addition to the technological advances being made in data storage media such as hard disks and laser-based precision measuring and processing equipment, we are also actively researching and developing new materials for laser printer toners and ink ribbons used for transfer printing.

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The Brother Group

Brother is a world wide electronics and manufacturing company, with sales in over 100 countries 

The UK subsidiary is based on the outskirts of Manchester  and provides sales, marketing, technical support, warehousing and distribution.

More detailed information on our company’s history and activities can be found in this section.