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Simple and Straightforward

At Brother we strive for innovation and improvement with our products.
These values are imbedded in our culture and we aim to apply the same principles to our website.

We understand that reading websites can be difficult for some people .and we use a range of tools to make our site and service more accessible to our customers.

Site Map
Our site map is straightforward, making it easy to see at-a-glance which pages may interest you.
Our navigation is simple, taking you direct to relevant information specific to your needs.

We have implemented Browsealoud across our site as a communication aid.
Browsealoud reads the text on the page you’re viewing aloud, in a style of your choosing.
Simply select the Browsealoud icon and download the free software.
You control the voice and speaking style and you decide which sections of the page you want to hear.

To find out more visit



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