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The most effective way to work remotely. With OmniJoin you can see all the participants in HD, hear them crystal clear and work on any type document as if you were sharing a computer.

Move your meetings online with OmniJoin and you have a full suite of collaboration tools, HD multiparty video conferencing, intelligent technology managing bandwidth, military-grade encryption and cloud-based storage
OmniJoin Live Contact List allows you to see which of your contacts / colleagues are online and instantly start a meeting or send a message.
You can download OmniJoin LCL from the following link: 

Yes – OmniJoin web conferencing can be used on an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. The OmniJoin mobile app can be downloaded from iTunes.
For information on system requirements, check our OmniJoin system requirements page.
With OmniJoin, you can hold a meeting with multiple people with the highest quality video possible, combined with seamlessly synced audio. You can share and collaborate on chats, whiteboard, documents, applications, web browsers and even media files, all with surprisingly simple desktop controls.
Share document enables you to share the image data of the document. The application data is transformed to image data and shared. You cannot change or edit the original data itself while sharing. This is generally faster than sharing application and also more bandwidth efficient.
Share PowerPoint is useful if you want to share the PowerPoint slide show. Note that animation cannot be shared.
Share application enables you to share the application itself with attendees. You can change or edit the original data while sharing.
Yes – With OmniJoin IM, you can check other members' presence status (online, busy, away, offline). For more information about OmniJoin IM, click What is OmniJoin IM?
Yes – With a PC, an Internet connection, a webcam, and a headset or a speaker phone, you can use OmniJoin from overseas.
English, French, German and Spanish. Other language support is planned.
Yes – Resolutions of 720p and 1080p with up to 30 frames per second are supported.

* The maximum resolution depends on your plan, and is subject to network, hardware and accessories meeting recommended specifications. See our SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS.
Yes – OmniJoin supports as many monitors as your computer has available. That way you can share on one monitor while watching video on another, which is especially useful for dual-monitor workstations, conference rooms, boardrooms, and training facilities.
Yes, you can share several files during a conference, letting you quickly swap from a presentation to a spreadsheet or an application during your meeting.
The limit for a share is 100mb, with 15mb for uploaded handouts.
There are no limitations for share application. You can share any applications.
Yes – With share application, you can change or edit the file while sharing subject to being given permission to do so from the host.
Yes – Hosts can give or take away 14 privileges to/from attendees before or in a meeting. Administrators can limit the function of all meeting rooms.
Yes – Record any of your OmniJoin meetings for reference or review. You can save the recorded video to your computer and share with others.
Using OmniJoin IM

1. Open OmniJoin IM using the OmniJoin icon in the notification area.
2. Select the [Meeting] tab.
3. Select [Schedule a Meeting].
4. Specify Topic.
5. Specify the date, time and duration or any other information.
6. Click OK.

Advanced – allows more meeting preferences and options to be selected.

Via Web browser

1. Login to your account using your email address and password.
2. On side menu choose under “Meetings” – Schedule a Meeting
3. Open OmniJoin IM using the OmniJoin icon in the notification area.
4. Select the [Meeting] tab.
5. Select [Schedule a Meeting].
6. Specify Topic.
7. Specify the date, time and duration or any other information.
8. Click OK.

Advanced – allows more meeting preferences and options to be selected.
Yes – You can enjoy the audio conference without a camera.
Yes – OmniJoin authenticates all meeting hosts, offers conference room passwords, and supports SSL/TLS encryption on all communications from end-to-end (supporting up to 256bit AES Encryption). OmniJoin can support military-grade transport layer security at full network line speeds. You can also require it to register before attending to limit and authenticate the attendees.
Yes – OmniJoin can work with high quality capture cards, high-def cameras and LCD/Plasma screens in the conference room, and these can seamlessly interact with users at the desktop. You can also share and annotate PowerPoint presentations and conduct instant online meetings, all in the best video conferencing service available.
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