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We know how important education is. 

Education plays a key part in making Britain a more prosperous nation. But we’re entering an age where our young people are more tech savvy than ever. This means it’s even more important that school technology matches up to growing expectations.

We want to help schools achieve their full potential, so we set out to get a sense of what challenges they are facing and how technology can help support their ambitions, which is why we commissioned a survey of school I.T. heads.

We want to get to the heart of the education sector’s ambitions, so we can support it going forward.

Of course, funding is always an issue for schools. But the savings that can be generated by modern print technology, in terms of time, wastage and lower running costs, can transform a school's prospects.

Investing in efficiency frees our teachers to focus their time and energy where it can make the biggest difference to our young people.

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